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Walkthrough: How VFC 5 Can Exploit Windows Live ID (Inc PIN)

What is Virtual Forensic Computing? Virtual computing transforms investigation of the digital crime scene. Having access to the ‘digital scene of crime’ can offer huge benefits to an investigator. Whether investigating fraud, murder, child abuse or something else, seeing the computer through the eyes of the suspect can be invaluable. Building a virtual machine (VM) … Continue reading

Parallels hard drive image converting for analysis

Abstract The other day, talking to one of the analysts in Dallas, a question emerged about analyzing Parallels’ virtual machine hard drives.  To my surprise, I did not find many help on this issue on-line and did not find tools that would interpret the file system in Parallels’ hard drive images.  The simplest way I … Continue reading

A Discussion of Virtual Machines Related to Forensics Analysis

First published November 2008 by Brett Shavers (PDF version here) The Virtual Machine (VM)Description of the Virtual Machine The Virtual Machine Concept in Brief Virtual machines are not new and have been in use for well over a half century. The fundamental concept of a virtual machine revolves around a software application that behaves as … Continue reading

VMWare as a forensic tool

First published May 2006 Brett Shavers May 2006 VMWare Workstation is one of the most up and coming software applications in both the corporate environment and in the computer forensic community. This paper will not detail the inner workings of the VMWare Workstation, but will attempt to describe instances of where this application can be … Continue reading

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