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Crime Scene Investigation of GPS Data in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

by Chirath De Alwis The invention of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), also known as the drone, has the potential to address some crucial issues in society. Commercial aerial surveillance, oil/gas/mineral exploration, and disaster relief are some of them [1]. Considering the increasingly popular use of drones, it is evident that there is potential for … Continue reading

Mobile Device Geotags & Armed Forces

In recent years it has been noticeable that the amount of people carrying a smart phone has increased exponentially. This is down to their low price and availability; even children as young as 12 have a smart phone. However, most people who own a smart phone are not aware of the data hidden in even … Continue reading

Android Tracking – from a forensic point of view

– Introduction – In my last article on iPhoneTracking, I tried to explain Apple’s crowd-sourced location based service. Obviously Android has to do something similar to provide a good user experience using location based services… Also back in April 2011 some people, who wrote stuff about iPhoneTracking, also mentioned Android with a sentence or two without … Continue reading

iPhone Tracking – from a forensic point of view

– Introduction – iPhoneTracking is sexy!!! Every mobile forensic suite, at least the ones dealing with iPhones, are providing it proudly. iPhoneTracking also has been a hot topic in the media all around the globe. People stated, that there is a way to display every step of an iPhone user ever since the device got … Continue reading

Geotags: Friend or Foe?

by David Benford Director, Blackstage Forensics I recently wrote a research paper, “Geotag Data: The Modification of Evidence on the Apple iPhone”, based around the possibility of modifying geotag evidence on the Apple iPhone. A test was performed as part of this project, to find out how easy it is to discover a person’s home … Continue reading

Experimental Testing Of A Forensic Analysis Method On The Tomtom GPS Navigation Device

First published June 2009 by Dr. Clara Maria Colombini INTRODUCTION The earliest Satellite Navigation Systems were designed for the U.S. military, to locate the position of Polaris submarines. Over the years, satellite detection technology has become extremely widespread, and today most automotive vehicles are fitted with such systems. TomTom, the in-car satellite navigation device, is … Continue reading

Mobile Phone and GPS Forensics – Some Thoughts

First published February 2009 by Greg Smith Mobile Telephone Evidence & Forensics Mobile telephones are the predominate wireless telecommunications device throughout the world and most certainly in the UK they predominate other technologies, where ownership has reached well over saturation level when compared to the population number and mobile phone usage is embedded in … Continue reading

TomTom GPS Device Forensics

First published January 2009 Written by Ben LeMere ( & Andy Sayers ( For more information visit Introduction: The sales of portable navigation devices are at an all time high. Last year, more than forty million portable GPS devices like TomTom’s GO series or Garmin’s Nuvi series were sold worldwide. These devices can be … Continue reading

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