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Build Your Own Digital Evidence Collection Kit

First published June 2009 by David Kovar, NetCerto, Inc. Overview Collecting evidence accurately is clearly a foundational element for any ediscovery or forensics analysis project. The equipment required is important, but so are the supporting items – office supplies, forms, and documentation tools. And if you cannot find the items, or get them to the … Continue reading

The Forensic Chain of Evidence Model

First published May 2005 Improving the Process of Evidence Collection in Incident Handling Procedures by Atif Ahmad Department of Information Systems, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3010, Australia Abstract This paper suggests that administrators form a new way of conceptualizing evidence collection across an intranet based on a model consisting of linked audit logs. This … Continue reading

Collecting And Preserving Electronic Media

First published May 2005 by Joan E. Feldman, President Computer Forensics Inc. The discovery process in civil litigation has always been a critical and sometimes confusing area for attorneys. Most attorneys have wondered, at one time or another, whether they pursued all leads and uncovered all material that could help them to prevail. It … Continue reading

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