Suggestions for future interviews are always welcome and should be sent through the feedback form

Scott Burkeman, Warner Scott Recruitment – 29/06/11
Scott is a Director at Warner Scott Recruitment in London, specialising in computer forensics recruitment throughout the UK and abroad..

Ben Findlay, North Yorkshire Police Hi Tech Crime Unit – 25/01/11
Ben is a civilian investigator working for the Hi Tech Crime Unit of North Yorkshire Police in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to the Forensic Focus forums and posts under the username benfindlay.

George Chlapoutakis, Digital Forensics lecturer and owner, SecurityBible Networks – 29/11/10
Lecturer in computer science and digital forensics, and owner of SecurityBible Networks, George is also a well respected member and contributor in the Forensic Focus forums, posting under the username DarkSYN.

Stephen Mason, Barrister – 05/11/10
Barrister, author and general editor of three books in relation to electronic evidence and electronic signatures. Also founder, general editor and publisher of the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review.

Sam Raincock, Sam Raincock Consultancy – 30/05/10
Digital forensics consultant/expert witness, trainer and IT Security professional specialising in cases involving cell site analysis and correlating connection behaviour.

Russell May, 4N6 Investigation – 10/12/09
Owner of 4n6, a UK based company offering consultancy, investigation and training services. Russell was previously the director of training for Guidance Software in the UK and Senior Director of International Training at AccessData.

Jim Gordon, West Mercia Police – 15/09/09
Hi Tech Analyst working for UK law enforcement in a specialist team supporting the Force Serious & Organised Crime Unit.

Greg Smith – Mobile Telephone Expert Witness, Trew & Co. – 29/08/09
Owner of Trew & Co., Greg was the Chairman of the CMA’s Telecommunications Fraud and Security special interest group (FS-SIG), Technical Director of the Institute ICAF for 3 years and Technical Examiner to the Information Communications Technology Management Board (ICTMB – part of the ISEB and the BCS) for Syllabuses and Certification for two years.

Sean McLinden, Outcome Technology Associates, Inc. – 21/07/09
President and CEO of Outcome Technology Associates, Inc. (OTA), a provider of digital forensics, incident response., eDiscovery and litigation support services to clients in the US and abroad.

Graham Brown-Martin, Digital Safety Conference – 12/06/09
Founder and managing director of Learning Without Frontiers (LWF), organiser of the Digital Safety conference.

Lee Whitfield, Forensic 4cast – 10/06/09
Lee works for a digital forensic contractor in the North West of England and co-hosts the Forensic 4cast podcast.

Robert Botchek, President & Founder – Tableau, LLC – 09/06/09
President & Founder of Tableau, LLC, manufacturer of forensic bridges (a.k.a. write blockers), forensic duplicators, and hardware accelerators for password recovery.

Dr Chris Pamplin, Editor – UK Register of Expert Witnesses – 31/05/09
Editor of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, a publication widely used by lawyers across the UK looking for expert witnesses.

Ben Levitan, US Telecommunications Expert Witness – 08/05/09

Nick Furneaux, MD CSITech & Director, Bright Forensics – 07/05/09

Jan Collie, The Digital Detective – 24/04/09

Professor Tony Sammes, Cranfield University – 31/03/09

Simon Biles, Thinking Security – 27/11/08

Gene Spafford, CERIAS – 12/09/08

Paul Wright, City of London Police – 05/09/08

Jonathan Krause, Forensic Control – 27/08/08

Ian Kennedy, Forensic Consultant & Open University Lecturer – 14/07/08

Matt Shannon, Founder and Chief Software Architect F-Response – 19/06/08

David Sullivan, Appointments-UK – 28/04/08

Stefan Fleischmann, CEO X-Ways Software Technology AG – 27/02/08

John Patzakis, Guidance Software – 28/06/07

Harlan Carvey – 07/03/07


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