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Unreal Steganography: Using A VR Application As A Steganography Carrier

by Stuart Wilson This report focuses on the use of virtual reality as a potential steganography carrier file to avoid detection of forensic analysis applications commonly used within law enforcement. The goal is to show how a virtual reality game/environment can be made with little training, what file types can be stored within it and … Continue reading

Cyber Security Challenge in Scotland

Towards the end of August, I was part of the team who were offered to help out and participate at an exciting event held at Glasgow Caledonian University. The event ran over five days with each day varied in content and different challenges. In this post I aim to give a rough breakdown of each … Continue reading

Simple Steganography on NTFS when using the NSRL

First published October 2009 Adam Hurwitz Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. 39 Broadway, NYC, NY 10006 Abstract NTFS is structured so that there can be a physical separation of the data that comprises a file and the properties or metadata of the file. One side-effect of this is that when a file is hashed on … Continue reading

Real-Time Steganalysis

First published October 2005 A Key Component of a Comprehensive Insider Threat Solution James E. Wingate, CISSP-ISSEP, CISM, IAM Director, Steganography Analysis & Research Center (SARC) and Vice President for West Virginia Operations Backbone Security.Com and Chad W. Davis, CCE Computer Security Engineer Backbone Security.Com Introduction “Ignorance is bliss.” “What you don’t know can’t hurt … Continue reading

An Analytical Approach to Steganalysis

First published August 2005 by James E. Wingate, CISSP-ISSEP, CISM, IAM Director, Steganography Analysis & Research Center Chad W. Davis Computer Security Engineer Backbone Security.Com Introduction Rapidly evolving computer and networking technology coupled with a dramatic expansion in communications and information exchange capability within government organizations, public and private corporations and even our … Continue reading

Steganography: Implications for the Prosecutor and Computer Forensics Examiner

First published May 2005 by Gary C. Kessler April 2004 [An edited version of this paper will appear in the June 2004 issue of the National District Attorney’s Association Newsletter.] “Steganography,” my colleague asked, “is that a dinosaur or an icicle hanging down in a cave?” Steganography is the science of “covered writing” and is … Continue reading

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