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Forensics and Bitcoin

This article does not attempt to provide a beginners guide to Bitcoin, nor an in-depth thesis on Bitcoin forensics. Rather, it will be an overview of the potential opportunities available to digital forensics and traditional investigators to obtain evidence in relation to attributing transactions or holdings to a specific person and (legally) seizing those funds. … Continue reading

KS – an open source bash script for indexing data

KS – an open source bash script for indexing data ABSTRACT:  This is a keywords searching tool working on the allocated, unallocated data and the slackspace, using an indexer software and a database storage . Often during a computer forensics analysis we need to have all the keywords indexed into a database for making many … Continue reading

Android Forensics

 Smartphones are changing the IT and Communication landscape vastly.  A Smartphone can do almost every good thing a computer can do. Today most of the corporate employee access and manage their official emails through the e-mail client installed on their Smartphone. Right from booking movie tickets to making fund transfers, all e-commerce and online banking … Continue reading

Forensic Accounting – the recorded electronic data found on Computer Hard Disk Drives, PDAs and numerous other Digital Devices

First published September 2004 Where is the hidden money for the Creditors in the Bankrupt Estate? The Importance of Applying Section 521(4) in obtaining the Debtor’s electronic data. Jack Seward Rosenfarb Winters, LLC New York, NY 10016 or Introduction A trustee has the duty to investigate the financial affairs of the Debtor and … Continue reading

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