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Career Paths In Digital Forensics: Practical Applications

by Christa Miller, Forensic Focus  Whether you’re a college or university student trying to plot out your career, an experienced worker figuring out next steps, or a mentor seeking to help either one of them, you may be seeking to answer the question: what can I do in digital forensics? The digital forensics profession has … Continue reading

Job Hunting In The DFIR Field

by Jessica Hyde, Magnet Forensics For those who don’t know, in addition to my work at Magnet Forensics, I teach Mobile Device Forensics at George Mason University. In addition to teaching the skills necessary to acquire and parse data from mobile devices, I attempt to share information that will be useful to my students who … Continue reading

Cyber Security Challenge in Scotland

Towards the end of August, I was part of the team who were offered to help out and participate at an exciting event held at Glasgow Caledonian University. The event ran over five days with each day varied in content and different challenges. In this post I aim to give a rough breakdown of each … Continue reading

Unacceptable Acceptable Use Policy

I had an opportunity this week to be on the receiving end of an acceptable use policy (AUP) – something that I should experience each and every time I work for a new client on their hardware, but something that isn’t often the case and thus is a bit of a novelty to me. It … Continue reading

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Employment – The State of the Market 2012

Forensic Focus recently asked a number of digital forensics and eDiscovery recruitment specialists to comment on the current state of the employment market. Here are their thoughts, please leave your comments below.   Jared Coseglia President, TRU Staffing Partners, US – “The current state of affairs for employment in eDiscovery, Litigation Support, and Forensics … Continue reading

Advice for Digital Forensics Job Seekers

by Joe Alonzo You see the job advertisements posted on the web everyday, Digital Forensics Analyst, Internet Investigator, Computer Forensic Associate.  You hit the Apply Now button, often never hearing back from said company. Your background may consist of computer programming/IT, network security or possibly even a background in law enforcement. You ask yourself, … Continue reading

Personal Branding for Digital Forensics Jobseekers

by David Sullivan Looking at the job adverts here on Forensic Focus shows that after a really sluggish period the number of vacancies available in computer forensics and electronic disclosure is increasing. Many forensics professionals who would normally have changed roles over the last couple of years are now actively looking to make a move … Continue reading

How to seduce your (potential) computer forensics employer

by David Sullivan We all over-complicate things and this is certainly true when seeking a new job. Essentially, to be successful at a Computer Forensics interview you just need to demonstrate two things:1. You have the technical skills needed to perform to a high standard; 2. You are a likeable person. This is described in … Continue reading

Graduate Experiences: Chris Proudley, MSc Forensic Information Technology, Portsmouth University

First published September 2009 Since the start of the year, I had been acutely aware that my Forensic IT MSc was rapidly approaching its conclusion. Conversations with course colleagues on job opportunities followed similar themes; nervousness about the tenuous state of the market and the difficulty of breaking into a relatively narrow field with very … Continue reading

Experiences as a recent graduate

First published September 2009 Name withheld After graduating in the Summer of 2009, I knew that it would not be easy to find employment in a Computer Forensic related role. More specifically, I knew that the state of the UK’s economy would not help matters, as companies are now cutting back on graduate schemes in … Continue reading

Graduates: produce an excellent CV

First published July 2009 In this short article, David Sullivan of, a specialist computer forensics recruiter, looks at how graduates can increase your chances of being selected for interview by improving your CV. David can be contacted at: As you will know if you have graduated recently, finding your first role in computer … Continue reading

Should Computer Forensics Professionals Consider Changing Jobs in a Recession?

First published March 2009 In this short article, David Sullivan – a specialist recruiter within the computer forensics sector – asks whether you should consider changing jobs at this time. In these tough economic times almost all areas are suffering and although computer forensics hasn’t been hit as hard as some sectors, recruitment in this … Continue reading

Looking Forward To A Career In Digital Forensics

First published January 2008 by James Hooker I am rapidly approaching my final year of University, studying for a Forensic Computing degree, and like all students across the globe on a similar course, I am on a mission to find a project that will “wow” the forensic community and help land a great job. Browsing … Continue reading

Writing a winning resume/CV for computer forensics vacancies

First published April 2007 In this short article, David Sullivan, a specialist computer forensics recruiter at, provides some tips on compiling a winning CV along with a suggested CV template (available here). In the current job market, the key to securing an interview for any role is an excellent CV. Somebody with less skills … Continue reading

Job hunting advice for UK computer forensics professionals

First published April 2005 by David Sullivan This short article is aimed at Computer Forensic Professionals based in the UK who are considering looking for a new job. Introduction A number of the posts on Forensic Focus relate to job opportunities and as a recruiter operating in this field, it is fascinating to … Continue reading

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