I feel passionate about teaching those who want to learn and not afraid of the IT field and its constant learning challenges. I've been known to break down and simplify complex problems to layman's terms and to help develop a long term method for learning to keep up with the rapidly changing technology. I prefer teaching face-to-face vs. on-line since I need the constant feedback and student interaction to keep exploring better and more helpful methods of instruction. My classes are heavily hands-on and lab based courses. They feel like a separate full-time job since no one class starts and ends the same way and troubleshooting / problem solving is an everyday process that shows students above and beyond what to expect in the workplace after they graduate.
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Encrypt it, but Don’t Trust It

This is not about acquisition tools, but about understanding why we need to test our tools even if the tool was just updated.  The latest and greatest tool without testing can be a risk factor just like the old and worthless. I remember how excited I was to test TIM (Tableau IMager) on a multi … Continue reading

Parallels hard drive image converting for analysis

Abstract The other day, talking to one of the analysts in Dallas, a question emerged about analyzing Parallels’ virtual machine hard drives.  To my surprise, I did not find many help on this issue on-line and did not find tools that would interpret the file system in Parallels’ hard drive images.  The simplest way I … Continue reading

Digital Forensics is not just HOW but WHY

This paper will focus on the proper understanding of Digital Forensics from the educational point-of-view and explain the problem with certification based skill validation to establish “expert” skills since Digital Forensic education did not really existed up to just a few years ago.  Since Digital Forensics is a discipline of Forensic Science when it comes … Continue reading

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