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Does Deviant Pornography Use Follow A Guttman-Like Progression?

by Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar (a), Marcus K. Rogers (b) (a) The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487, USA (b) Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA Abstract This study investigated whether deviant pornography use followed a Guttman-like progression in that a person transitions from being a nondeviant to deviant pornography user. In order to observe … Continue reading

Interview with Noreen Tehrani, Applied Trauma Psychologist, NTA

Can you tell us something about your background and why you decided to work in the field of applied trauma psychology? I have had a very mixed career; I have worked in medical research, as a retail operations director, property development, Head of a counselling service and running my own company. I think that the … Continue reading

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Employment – The State of the Market 2012

Forensic Focus recently asked a number of digital forensics and eDiscovery recruitment specialists to comment on the current state of the employment market. Here are their thoughts, please leave your comments below.   Jared Coseglia President, TRU Staffing Partners, US – “The current state of affairs for employment in eDiscovery, Litigation Support, and Forensics … Continue reading

Review: Proof Finder by Nuix

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control Well, this is an interesting proposition. Early last December Nuix, the respected producers of eDiscovery software, released an intriguing, and as far as I know in this sector, unique, application. Called Proof Finder, it’s a restricted and limited version of their enterprise product which they’re making available for … Continue reading

Advice for Digital Forensics Job Seekers

by Joe Alonzo You see the job advertisements posted on the web everyday, Digital Forensics Analyst, Internet Investigator, Computer Forensic Associate.  You hit the Apply Now button, often never hearing back from said company. Your background may consist of computer programming/IT, network security or possibly even a background in law enforcement. You ask yourself, … Continue reading

Google History Forensics

by Craig Ball In my last Forensic Focus column, I touched on migration to handhelds and the cloud, mushrooming drive capacities and encryption-by-default as just some of the factors auguring the eventual extinction of conventional digital forensics. But an end to old school digital forensics is no threat to examiners who evolve. There will be … Continue reading

Time and Forensics

by Simon Biles Time fascinates me, it has an amazing history and it has some great “toys”. One of my favourite quotes of all time is from Groucho Marx: “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.” I was also bitterly disappointed to hear this week that time travel isn’t possible [1] – … Continue reading

Web History Visualisation for Forensic Investigations

Web History Visualisation for Forensic Investigations Sarah Lowman (1) and Ian Ferguson (2) (1) – (2) – University of Abertay Abstract. Current tools for analysing web history often produce large amounts of data. This data is usually presented in a tabular format, which makes it difficult for forensic investigators to spot patterns and … Continue reading

Dropbox Forensics

by Frank McClain A write-up about some forensic aspects of online storage/file-synching service Dropbox™ Cloud-based services are becoming more prevalent, and not just for businesses – end- and home-users are taking advantage of opportunities to automate backups, make files available offline or from any computer, share files and photos, and so on. Many of these … Continue reading

Standard Units in Digital Forensics

by Dr Chris Hargreaves Lecturer at the Centre for Forensic Computing at Cranfield University in Shrivenham, UK. One of the earliest lectures in the MIT Openware programme in Physics begins with the lecture “Units and Dimensional Analysis”. Units of measurement are critical to science, so much so that there is a standard that defines science’s … Continue reading

PitchLake – a tar pit for scanners

by Simon Biles Founder of Thinking Security Ltd., an Information Security and Risk Management consultancy firm based near Oxford in the UK. We’ve had two bank holidays in a row here in the UK – first off for Easter, then for the Royal Wedding – time off work coupled with very pleasant weather and plenty … Continue reading

How to Create an Open Source Network Forensics Appliance

By Ondrej Krehel Chief information security officer at Identity Theft 911 IntroductionEncryption and anti-forensics attacker techniques are commonly encountered in incident response investigations, while the power of network forensics intelligence is often overlooked by busy IT and legal departments. Compromised networks only occasionally capture network incident data sets for further analysis, but when they … Continue reading

Digital Forensics on a (less than) shoestring budget – Part 2

by Ken Pryor In my last post, I talked about the various ways one can find training resources to assist in getting started in the field of digital forensics. In this post, I will go over some of the free and low cost software you can use and related information. A few years ago when … Continue reading

The Grid for Crime Prevention (G4CP) in Wales

by Sian Haynes and Stilianos Vidalis University of Wales, Newport Fujitsu is set to bring high-performance computing (HPC) to Wales. They will provide a distributed grid which is a project set over five-years costing up to £40 million. The grid will include over 1400 nodes which are spread across more than eight sites, linked using … Continue reading

The End of Digital Forensics?

by Craig Ball When Microsoft introduced its Encrypting File System (EFS) in Windows 2000, the Cassandras of computer forensics peppered the listserves with predictions that the days of digital forensics were numbered. Ten years on and hundreds of systems acquired, I’ve yet to handle a case stymied by encryption—and 90% of my acquisitions were corporate … Continue reading

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